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Yapı Kredi Koray Preferred Dimak for Garage Doors

Dimak Door and Door Systems, who produce garage doors in various sizes and features according to demand in order to close large openings in villas, houses, sites, residences, collective garages, warehouses and commercial enterprises and to allow vehicle passage when desired, has produced and installed garage doors that can be opened and closed 100,000 times annually with a springless motor in the projects built by Yapı Kredi Koray.

About Yapı Kredi Koray

An acknowledged leader of the real estate industry in Turkey, Yapı Kredi Koray commenced operation in December 1996 as a joint venture of Yapı Kredi Bank and the Koray Group.

Since then, Yapı Kredi Koray has focused its attentions on putting all of its experience, knowledge, and energies to work in the realization of projects that are people-oriented and capable of satisfying the continuously expanding and changing needs of city life.

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