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Dimak Door and Door Systems, who has completed numerous prestigious domestic and international projects, has 25 years of experience in door business. Dimak Door, located in Ankara, Turkey, offers unique fire door, industrial door, garage door, fire resistant shaft door and security steel door solutions for your projects. With its growing staff and production volume, Dimak continues to offer high quality solutions provided by high technology production process focused on customer satisfaction.

Why Dimak Door?

Reliable Partner

Dimak fulfills its promises on time, regardless of the size of the job.

R&D Engineering

Dimak Door retains experienced engineers to develop new products.

Solution Oriented

Dimak has adopted the approach of creating "solution" instead of "problem" as a principle.

Flexible Production

Dimak has the ability to produce solutions for every project with its flexible production.

Customer Satisfaction

Dimak provides high customer satisfaction in sales and after sales services.

Innovative Technology

Dimak Door manufactures with the latest technology and application techniques.


Dimak makes the best timing in production, assembly and service while bidding.

Project Management

Dimak Door has the capacity to complete large-scale projects.

Export Capacity

Dimak offers solutions suitable for all kinds of projects with its exports to the world.

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Our Documents

The fire doors produced by Dimak Door, who has always been aware of the importance of quality in the global market as a strategic factor for business success, are tested according to EN 1634-1 standards.

Dimak Door ISO 9001
TSE Relevance Certificate
TSE Inspection and Experiment Report
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