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Dimak Door and Door Systems, an engineering company that has a wide range of products in door and door systems, offers unique door solutions to your projects.

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Why Dimak Door?

Reliable Partner

Dimak fulfills its promises on time, regardless of the size of the job.

R&D Engineering

Dimak Door retains experienced engineers to develop new products.

Solution Oriented

Dimak has adopted the approach of creating "solution" instead of "problem" as a principle.

Flexible Production

Dimak has the ability to produce solutions for every project with its flexible production.

Customer Satisfaction

Dimak provides high customer satisfaction in sales and after sales services.

Innovative Technology

Dimak Door manufactures with the latest technology and application techniques.

Fire Door Manufacturer AnkaraFire Door Emergency Exit DoorFactory Fire DoorFire Door AccessoryFire Door with Vision PanelDimak Fire DoorIndustrial Fire DoorFire Door Lock
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Fire Doors

In addition to standard dimensions and features, Dimak Fire Door, which can be produced with the desired features, dimensions and accessories, has been tested in a laboratory environment in accordance with EN 1634-1 norm and received 60, 90, 120 minute certificates.

Fire Seals

A high-quality thermo expanding seal is used on the frame.

Special Packaging

High-thickness of packaging is used for door leaves and frames.

Quick Delivery

Since stock is kept in standard sizes, these doors can be delivered very quickly.


Fire doors with a height of 2050/2100/2150 mm can be used both ways.

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Industrial Doors

Industrial Doors, one of the most important elements of factories, make a great contribution to work efficiency. Dimak Industrial Doors are used to close areas with large openings such as factories, storehouses, warehouses, large-volume facilities, military facilities and areas that require high performance.

Panel Options

There are panels of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 mm thickness.

Accessory Options

There are many different electronic accessories options.

Engine Options

A wide range of motors can be selected.

System Options

Spring and springless door system can be selected.

Factory Door Production AnkaraLarge Size Industrial DoorSectional Door ProductionIndustrial Door Manufacturer AnkaraSpringless Industrial DoorIndustrial Factory DoorIndustrial DoorSectional Factory Door
Garage Door Production and ServiceGarage DoorResidence Garage DoorVilla Garage DoorGarage Door AnkaraGarage Door ProductionGarage Door with WindowsGarage Door Mechanism
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Garage Doors

Garage doors are produced in various sizes and features according to demand in order to close large openings in villas, houses, sites, residences, collective garages, warehouses and commercial enterprises and to allow vehicle passage when desired.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is 4 times higher than other panels.

High Insulation

Insulation density is higher than other panels.

Non-Fading Panel Paint

The paint coating is of a type that does not fade in sunlight.

Engine Programming

Garage door motors are state of the art and programmable.


Our Documents

The fire doors produced by Dimak Door, who has always been aware of the importance of quality in the global market as a strategic factor for business success, are tested according to EN 1634-1 standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about fire doors, industrial doors, garage doors, security steel doors and fire resistant shaft doors.

What is a fire door?

A fire door prevents the spread of fire and reduces the passage of smoke- for a certain time period- between different parts of a structure and enables safe exit from a building. Fire resistance rating of a fire door, specifies the time period, a fire door can prevent the spread of fire between different compartments of a building.

What is a sectional door?

Sectional doors work by sliding the insulated panels horizontally on top of each other towards the ceiling and can be arranged according to the architectural characteristics of the buildings. Sectional doors are surrounded by dust wicks on all four sides and equipped with various safety systems. Sectional doors can be produced in desired sizes and provide long-lasting use.

How are fire door prices calculated?

The main components of a fire rated steel door are frame, leaf, hinges, lock, handles and intumescent seals. These are the minimum requirements for a steel fire rated door to be tested in a laboratory for a certificate. Though in some projects the requirements are standard, in most of the cases doors become more complicated and customized due to the extras required in the bill of demands. For fire door prices with features suitable for your project, you can visit our Fire Door Prices blog post, leave a comment and get a quote.

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