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We have compiled our Frequently Asked Questions page for you to easily find and learn what you are curious about fire doors, industrial doors, garage doors, security steel doors and fire resistant shaft doors.

What is a fire door?

A fire door prevents the spread of fire and reduces the passage of smoke- for a certain time period- between different parts of a structure and enables safe exit from a building. Fire resistance rating of a fire door, specifies the time period, a fire door can prevent the spread of fire between different compartments of a building.

What is a sectional door?

Sectional doors work by sliding the insulated panels horizontally on top of each other towards the ceiling and can be arranged according to the architectural characteristics of the buildings. Sectional doors are surrounded by dust wicks on all four sides and equipped with various safety systems. Sectional doors can be produced in desired sizes and provide long-lasting use.

How are fire door prices calculated?

The main components of a fire rated steel door are frame, leaf, hinges, lock, handles and intumescent seals. These are the minimum requirements for a steel fire rated door to be tested in a laboratory for a certificate. Though in some projects the requirements are standard, in most of the cases doors become more complicated and customized due to the extras required in the bill of demands.

Does the garage door fade in the sun's rays?

Especially the paint coating applied to the outer sheet of the panel is of a type that does not fade in sunlight.

Is there a finger jam in the panels?

The panel geometry is in a way to prevent finger jamming. For this reason, there is no finger jamming in garage doors.

How are the rail assembly and springs?

All garage door rails and springs are galvanized.

Can garage door motors be programmed?

The garage door motors used are of the latest technology and have electronic programming features.

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