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Industrial Acoustic Door

Industrial Acoustic Doors

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Dimak Industrial Acoustic Doors are used to close wide openings in theaters, film studios, recording studios, laboratories, cinemas, factories, conference and meeting rooms, audio-metric rooms, power plants and machine rooms that require sound insulation, allowing personnel and vehicle entry and exit. Those industrial acoustic doors are large sized special doors that meet the sound insulation requirements for the protection of people and the environment.

Dimak Industrial Acoustic Doors have been tested in Peutz laboratories in Europe and certified as 32dB, 35dB, 38dB and 45dB. Special productions can be made up to 56db. These doors are suitable for intensive use besides their acoustic feature.

Dimak produces doors according to various sizes, features and specifications with modern and technological production equipment and exports to many countries, mainly Western and Northern Europe.

Industrial Acoustic Door Features

  • They can be used in very wide openings.
  • There are 32dB, 35dB, 38dB, 45dB sound insulation alternatives.
  • It has been tested and certified in laboratories.
  • It has the feature of different designs and production for certain frequencies.
  • Stainless steel material can be used in panel and rail systems.

Dimak Industrial Acoustic Doors, which increase the quality of life of human and natural beings, provide insulation between the sound source and the environment where human and natural life exists. The last thing a person leaning on the hammock in his home garden would want to hear is the disturbing sound emanating from the compressor room of the nearby factory. Dimak will continue to contribute to a healthier society and environment with the doors it produces.

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