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Industrial Fire Doors

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Dimak Industrial Fire Doors are EI60 certified sectional fire doors that are used to close areas with large openings such as factories, storehouses, warehouses, large-volume facilities, military facilities, chemical facilities, power plants and to prevent fire passage between departments within the facility.

Dimak exports its industrial fire doors, produced with the latest technology machines, to the whole world, especially to Western and Northern Europe. Thanks to its flexible production system, it can produce sectional fire doors in a wide variety of sizes and suitable for different building architectures. Due to the large size of the doors tested in laboratories in Northern Europe, the certificates remain valid even for very wide and high doors.

Today, fire safety regulations have been tightened and the areas of use of these doors have been further expanded. Due to the fact that they prevent the spread of fire, such doors are requested by insurance companies as a risk-reducing factor along with regulations. The doors produced by Dimak are unique with their suitability for intensive use, as well as their fire features.

Sectional Fire Door Features

  • EI60 certified (tested in the laboratory)
  • They can be applied in large sizes.
  • They are suitable for intensive use.
  • Due to its special design, its panels are lighter compared to its peers.
  • Stainless steel panel coating and rail options are available.
  • It has a strong and durable panel structure.
  • ATEX 137-can be applied in explosive atmospheres and with liquid barrier.

Sectional fire doors prevent the spread of fire in the event of a possible fire in factories and warehouses, but allow forklifts and personnel to pass through, thus contributing to the fire safety of the space and not affecting the work flow. In the places where Dimak Sectional Fire Doors are installed, the safety of life and property increases, and the complete burning of the factory or warehouse in the fire is prevented. Thus, the company can both survive the fire with little damage and return to production, and also contributes financially to insurance companies by paying lower premiums.

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