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Dimak Fire Doors, which can be produced with desired features, sizes and accessories as well as standard sizes and features, have been tested in real furnaces in a laboratory environment according to EN 1634-1 norm and have received their certificates of 60, 90, 120 minutes as a result of these tests. Dimak Fire Doors are doors that allow passage of people while preventing the passage of fire between departments in a certain time period in case of fire. What makes Dimak Fire Doors different from their peers is the quality of assembly and service, as well as the quality of the materials used and the compatibility of each part of the system with the other. Fire doors play an important role by contributing to the safety of life and property in buildings. On the other hand, it can be a challenging item for construction companies in terms of dimensioning, detailing and assembly. While Dimak contributes to the safety of life and property in buildings with its standardized certified fire doors, it offers construction companies a quality product that will not strain their budgets and that they can obtain quickly, which is practical in transportation and assembly. Click here to get information about fire door prices that vary according to the features of the fire resistant door.

Corner Frame Fire Doors

Corner Frame Fire Doors

The fire doors with corner frames are suitable for any wall thickness as a standard.

Full Frame Fire Doors

Full Frame Fire Doors

The fire doors can be produced with full frame option that covers the whole wall with extra frame profiles.

EN 1634-1

60 Minute
Fire Resistance

90 Minute
Fire Resistance

120 Minute
Fire Resistance

Customer Specific

Quick Delivery in Standard Sizes

Reversible Door

Fire Door Frames and Leaves


Unique sectional design makes the frame and leaf very rigid


Door leaf thickness is 63 mm

Modular Design

Door frames are produced in 3 disassembled pieces

Fire Seals

High-quality intumescent seals on the frame

Safety Bolls

There are two safety bolts per leaf on the hinge side

Weather Seal Slots

Weather seal slots are present on the door frame

Air and Sound Insulation

On request, air and sound insulating seals provided

Optional Hardware

Optional hardware can be installed by supporting plates present inside the door leaf

Menfezli Yangın Kapısı Kasa Kanat
Yangın Kapısı Kasa Kanat Kol Detayı
Çift Kanat Yangın Kapısı Kasa Kanat
Panik Barlı Yangın Kapısı Kasa Kanat
Yangın Kapısı Kasa Kanat
Yangın Kapısı Kasa Kanat
Camlı Yangın Kapısı Kasa Kanat
Camlı Yangın Kapısı Kasa Kanat
Camlı Çift Kanat Yangın Kapısı Kasa Kanat

Elektrostatic Powder Coating

Dimak fire doors are coated in a modern robotic electrostatic powder coating line. While standard color is RAL 9002, any requested RAL color can be applied. Fire door frame and leaf may be in different RAL colors as well as inner and outer of leaf. For a better powder penetration, galvanized steel which has a special surface is used. Due to galvanized steel usage in production of leaves and frames, fire rated steel doors have high corrosion resistance. Fire doors are coated with polyester electrostatic powder which is appropriate for both outdoor and indoor usage providing UV resistance.

Elektrostatik Toz Boya İşlemi
Yangın Kapısı Boyama
Renkli Yangın Kapısı
Mavi Renkli Yangın Kapısı

Fire Door Accessories

The doors are equipped with heavy-duty hinges with ball bearing (one)

By use of a setscrew the lock can be switched to panic from anti-panic

Hardware used on Dimak doors are all top quality with incomparable unique functions not existing in the market

Doors are supplied with lock, handles (or panic hardware), euro cylinders and 3 keys

Locks are specially designed to be used as left/right and panic/anti-panic

One of the hinges is self-closing (spring hinge) which keeps the door closed all times

Handle+lock+handle or panic hardware are installed as a mono-block hardware system where 4 long bolts pass through the holes on the lock and makes a very rigid connection to handles and panic hardware otherside

Due to this mono-block hardware system it is not possible that the handles are tearing out of the doors due to harsh usage and gives the fire door and hardware set durability and long life

Handle and panic bar are cast aluminium (rust proof) which can be used in all climate conditions

Standard hardware color is black however any RAL color is possible for high volume orders

Fire rated windows can be applied on leaves on request. Stock sizes are 500 x 500 mm and 300x400 mm.

Louvers may be applied on request

Dimak Yangın Kapısı Aksesuarı
Dimak Yangın Kapısı Aksesuarı
Dimak Yangın Kapısı Aksesuarı
Dimak Yangın Kapısı Aksesuarı
Dimak Yangın Kapısı Aksesuarı
Dimak Yangın Kapısı Aksesuarı
Dimak Yangın Kapısı Aksesuarı
Dimak Yangın Kapısı Aksesuarı

High Quality Packaging

All door frames and leaves are packaged using high thickness packing nylon. Nylon packaging of door leaves can be kept on after the installation of the doors. By this way, the doors will not be damaged by the painting or plaster repairs done after the installation. The doors are shipped on palettes. 15 sets of single doors can be packed on each palette. The disassembled design of door frames yields serious shipping advantage.

Yangın Kapısı Paketleme
Yangın Kapısı Sevkiyatı
Dimak Yangın Kapısı İhracatı
Yangın Kapısı İhracatı

Fire Door Installation

Each door frame is installed by the use of universal dowels (optional delivery) directly to the wall.

There is no need for extra metal profile frames which yields cost advantage.

By the use of floor mounting brackets (specially developed based on experience) the vertical frame profiles can be fixed to the floor which creates a rigid connection between the door frame and the construction structure. As a result, problems such as twisting of the bottom part of the frame do not arise on the long run.

The frame is modular and designed to be assembled in 3 parts. Assembly of the frame is as practical as lego assembly. Modular frame system also provides significant transportation advantages.

Yangın Kapısı Montajı
Yangın Kapısı Montajı
Yangın Kapısı Montajı
Yangın Kapısı Montajı

Fire Door Prices

The main components of a fire rated steel door are frame, leaf, hinges, lock, handles and intumescent seals. These are the minimum requirements for a steel fire rated door to be tested in a laboratory for a certificate. Though in some projects the requirements are standard, in most of the cases doors become more complicated and customized due to the extras required in the bill of demands. The price of a fire rated steel door is formed according to the particular demands of the projects. Some of the factors that affect the price of a fire rated steel door are as follows:

  • Wall to wall opening dimensions where the door is to be installed (how big the fire door will be)
  • Whether the fire door is single or double leaf
  • Size of individual leaves on a double leaf door
  • Fire door color (standard-RAL 9002- or special RAL color)
  • Fire resistance of the door (60 / 90 / 120 min)
  • Frame type (corner or full frame)
  • Accessories demanded
You can call +90 312 554 50 50 for the prices of fire doors suitable for your project or you can request a fire door price by sending a message to the WhatsApp line at +90 549 554 50 52.
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