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In order to close wide openings in villas, houses, residences, sites, collective garages, warehouses and commercial enterprises and to allow vehicle passage when desired, garage doors and sectional doors are produced in various sizes and features according to demand.

Dimak is able to produce garage doors in desired sizes and features suitable for every project in order to meet the general needs of its customers. Dimak garage doors, which are the product of years of knowledge and advanced technical equipment, are preferred due to their robust, aesthetic and long life.

What makes Dimak garage doors different from their peers is the quality of assembly and service, the quality of the materials used and the compatibility of each part of the system with the other. You can also supply Garage Door Service and Garage Door Spare Parts "remote control, door spring and motor" from our company in Ankara, Turkey and surrounding districts.

Garage Door Features

  • The corrosion resistance of the steel used in the panels is 4 times higher than the other panels. The reason for this is the GALFAN coating in the panel sheet.
  • The insulation density in the panels is higher than its peers.
  • Especially the paint coating applied to the outer sheet of the panel is of a type that does not fade in sunlight.
  • The panel geometry is in a way that prevents finger jamming and you will not get finger jammed in garage doors.
  • All garage door rails and springs are galvanized.
  • The garage door motors used are of the latest technology and have electronic programming features.

The garage door serves a very important task, whether it is used in a site or in the garage of a detached house. The last thing that the person who comes home tired in the evening or rushing to work in the morning wants to encounter is that the door does not open despite pressing the control button. As Dimak family, we are determined to be a part of our customers' happiness by always prioritizing quality in garage door production.

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