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Special Doors

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Project-Specific Sectional Doors

Sometimes the breadth of the architect's imagination, and sometimes the very high technical specifications, which are the requirements of engineering, may require the projection and production of doors with very different non-standard details. With its strong engineering department, Dimak speaks the same language with architects and engineers, bringing solutions to their very different demands and designing and producing very special doors.

The doors we have listed below under the name of special door types are only the types of this wide group previously applied by Dimak. The list in this door group is very expandable.

Special Door Types

  • Sectional and hangar doors with sliding column system
  • Explosion proof doors
  • Acoustic insulated transformer test laboratory doors suitable for faraday cage
  • Atex doors
  • Break-resistant EN1627 / B1-B6 certified sectional doors
  • Full glass or grid doors compatible with the exterior system
  • Doors with fire resistance and acoustic properties
  • Bullet proof doors

Dimak is the company that an architect trying to make a difference or an engineer trying to meet high technical specifications will knock on his door without hesitation and confidence.

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