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Industrial doors, one of the important elements of factories, contribute greatly to work efficiency. Many factories that do not make the right industrial door selection have to deal with door-related failures and problems in their daily work flow. For those failures and problems, Dimak offers industrial door maintenance and repair service in Ankara.

The parts that may malfunction in industrial doors are as follows:

  • Door Panel
  • Spring
  • Horizontal and Vertical Rail
  • Barrel
  • Side and Middle Hinge
  • Steel Rope

Industrial Door Repair and Maintenance

Industrial doors can be exposed to crashes in the daily work flow of factories. For this reason, panel replacement in industrial doors is one of the most needed services. You can make an appointment by calling +90 312 554 50 50 for industrial door repair service in Ankara. Having periodic maintenance of your industrial doors on time will prevent bigger failures that may occur in the future. You can contact us by clicking the button below for periodic maintenance of industrial doors.

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