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Full Frame Fire Door
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Full Frame Fire Door

There is no difference between corner frame and full frame fire doors in terms of preventing the spread of fire. Both types of fire doors have fire resistance according to their the fire resistance certificate. Then, why is there a corner frame fire door and a full frame fire door? Let’s try to explain.

Corner frame fire doors are doors suitable for standard production. The reason for this is that there is no wall thickness factor in production. In other words, the production of corner frame fire rated steel doors is made independently of the wall thickness. This enables standardization in production and faster production and delivery.

Since wall thickness is an important factor in the production of full frame fire rated steel doors, they are not suitable for standard production. There is an extra cost in the production of full frame fire resistance doors due to the use of extra closing profile and non-standard production. Full frame fire doors that cover the wall arrangements with extra frame profiles are more practical for construction companies and create a situation that accelerates the construction completion process. The frame profile used creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance and prevents damages that may occur as a result of hitting the walls around the fire rated door.

We can compare the extra frame profiles used in full frame fire doors to the moldings used in windows in order to visualize them more easily.

Full frame fire doors, particularly preferred by architects and engineers in Turkey, can be produced by Dimak with extra frame profiles to cover the entire wall.

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2 comments on “Full Frame Fire Door”

  1. Hello. We want 40 pieces 90minute Fire Rated Doors. Sizes 1 x 2.20 M. What can you offer to us and what will be the price? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards.

    1. Dear Iago Kusraevi,

      We will contact you via email.
      Thanks for your interest in our products and company.

      Best regards.

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