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Hidromek's Durable Industrial Door Preference is Dimak

Hidromek, one of the world's largest construction equipment manufacturers, preferred industrial factory doors produced by Dimak. Industrial doors, which can be resistant to intense and harsh use and will not interfere with workflow, are extremely important for large manufacturers such as Hidromek. Being aware of this, Dimak Door has carried out the production and assembly of industrial doors for Hidromek in the most sensitive way by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.

We would like to thank Mr. Cemal Öktem, Hidromek Construction Investments Officer, for his good feedback.

We are a business that produces heavy machinery in intense pace. For this reason, everything in our facilities has to adapt to this operating performance. Especially the industrial doors in our factory are in a key position. It should be able to resistant to intense and harsh use and not interfere with the workflow. We have a long-standing cooperation with Dimak Door. They did not disappoint us not only with regards to purchasing but also about the services after purchase. That's why we preferred Dimak and we continue to prefer...

Construction Investments Officer

About Hidromek

Hidromek, a globally known manufacturer of construction machinery, was founded in Ankara in 1978. The founder of Hidromek, Hasan Basri Bozkurt, started with producing attachments for agricultural tractors.  This initiative was moved further in the following years and the first construction machine ever designed by Turkish engineers was produced. The product range was expanded in time, which led to the growth of Hidromek. Today, Hidromek has around 2000 employees.

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