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Termikel Preferred Dimak Door for Industrial Doors

Termikel, one of the largest 500 companies, preferred Dimak industrial door at the factory gates. For Dimak Door and Door Systems, which offers door solutions for everyone with its professional staff and manufacturer company infrastructure, the size of the facility or the size of the opening that needs to be closed do not cause any problems.

About Termikel

Electric home appliances brand in the industry Termikel leading the industry by signing the first in Turkey, near our country today, reaching close to 60 homes in the country of the world.

All of our production areas in Turkey and specialized factory being constructed in collaboration with professionalized, at every stage of manufacture are tested by our control team. Our products are delivered to consumers through our sales dealers located in various cities in the country and our sales representatives in England, Germany, Italy, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uruguay and e-commerce channel.

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